FREK is established by four friends originated from four very different backgrounds. Despite originating from different backgrounds, they all have equal levels of strength. FREK was originally only an idea which was spouted during a casual dinner between three of the partners. Not a very formal formation but these friends always had their ideas pen-down on their notebooks. Whoever that has the mentality of "dream are just on papers" are going to get blown away by these four fellas.


Firdaus, a charmer of his mid-twenties and is a person who has energetic wits. He is one of the first who contributed the ideas of forming FREK and is always enthusiastic in performing his duties. He is one of the main creative minds behind the ideas of launching FREK and realizing the ideas on papers into reality. His ideas are those of very brilliant proposals and rarely anyone could say NO to. Might be because of his perfectionist traits he owns. (Virtual Marketing Strategist & Stocks/Products Database)


Rashid, another charmer in his mid-twenties with strong diplomatic values and leadership sense. He is the one with strong speeches and is the main spokesperson for FREK. If Firdaus can make ideas into reality, Rashid can improvise those ideas into bigger volumes. Juggling between his day job and other businesses, he is one to look up to for good time management and being able to give undivided devotions to all aspects in his life. A strict, reliable and wise man. (Creative Advisor & Accounts Database)


Ekin, the only flower from the four and a very energetic soul in her early-twenties. Being the only girl in the formation of FREK, she tries her best to be the main support-line for the boys and bring together the ideas that has been spouted and pen-down by others. Sharing ideas and expanding ideas is her forte and gives a pinch of femininity within the partnership.
(Assist. Creative Advisor & Events Planner/Scheduler)


Khairul, a witty trooper who never keeps his opinions to himself. A person who is truthful to his thoughts and honest in voicing out whatever that he thinks is right. A man who is in his early-thirties, struggling and balancing his day-job and business, he is able to commit himself into whatever that he ventures into. He is our major marketing guru and is in charge of all offline marketing and sales strategies. (Offline/General Marketing Strategists & Stocks/Products Database)

Know us all a little bit better now right? Watch out for our products and collections which will come your way faster than you may expect. We do not pen-down and translate our ideas into real products to please only the local markets, but we aim to show what local Malaysians can do. Yes we can and we will !!


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