About Us

FREK is established as a brand which is predicted to be able to bring forward to the public various kinds of merchandise and services.

FREK's establishment focuses on clothing items and is envisioned to grow into a brand that will be murmured by the mouths of the public during their chats during their coffees and teas in the morning, noon and evenings.

Combining both creativity and conservative ideas together, FREK is aiming to bring you the image of modesty, elegance, freshness, poise and simply classy casual.

We do not aim on following the flow of trends, but rather be the trend setters. We highly control the quality of our products and do our best to keep things original.

 Lastly, we aim products and services which are not only affordable, but also meets the best of quality available in the local Malaysian market.

And mainly, we do not only aim for the Malaysian market, but we also aim to reach a globalized market.
When we dream, we dream big.


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