Monday, 7 April 2014



 We are launching our second collection aboard! The aim and concept of our second collection is to bring the perfection of comfort and modesty for girls who value much of comfort wear.

By combining both youth and maturity in one frame, this collection bring natural beauty of all the ladies from all ages out there. Here, one of our model, EZY (22), effortlessly donned our creations and smoothly ooze her way around. Indeed, perfection!

You might think that this cycle of collection is too limited, yes, it is indeed! We aim to make every piece a limited collection and you would be the only one who owns it.. EVER! And as for our Shawls collections, there are only two piece available for each pattern. So do not be wary of seeing another person wearing it in your closes radar!

In this particular launch, we introduce to you our very own design of KIMONO CARDIGAN. Our designs are specially made to convey any type of style you want to translate into your daily activities. It can be worn at a classy event, wedding receptions, annual dinners and more. It can also be worn down with jeans or simply some hip-shorts and plain shirt and mufflers around your neck. Wear it anyhow you want it!! And to make it even more stylish, don it with one our our shawls collection which can be worn as your casual scarf as well.

Head on to our PRODUCTS page and feast your eyes on our brand new collection! To contact us, head on to our CONTACTS page! Enjoy!!

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